Saturday, September 26, 2015

This is the way we wash our hand..wash our hand....wash our hand..

We are lucky to be chosen for a quick demo on Effective hand wash by LIFEBUOY recently.

hand wash hand wash hand was

wash hand? me know

all ears

dear friends..this is how we roll..

so this is how we do it

saya nk juga
a squirt each for demo

i use my finger for many im bugger free?

souvenir time..

now let's put into practice what we've learn just about now

see my hands are clean..

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2016 Sports Day ..

 it was a sunny day..not a hot sun shinny kinda day..more of a like one of those day where you would really like the weather..yeah that kind..

 2 minutes kind of breakfast..a drink and a piece of hot dog..

 okay kay got it.2 minutes up

i'm stating the obvious you see BLUE

 owh..there's should be enough for everybody

hot dog or chicken eh?

 wow...youve got the best piece i suppose dog it is..

 smiling for the camera..hope mom get to see this

 smile and action...each one of them pose for the camera

love it when we get these kind of smile

Salam Merdeka y'all

morning aerobic.. back to the camp..

 back to the camp..back to the
we are just running...

 victory is sweet..

ive got this..

 flying Alia

lighting Hakim..

  we won silver..hugs and thumbs up there

 green is peace

yeah...i was fast..super fast you see..

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Aildilfitri Celebration

While it is still hot..(bulan syawal), snippets of 2015 Aidilfitri celebration in Prima.

 long time no see long week...too long..

 bile la makan time...

 well, u know..we re the cutie pie of the day

 woosh ...feel my new power exude ...

 just one?..u must be joking!

 jejaka harapan Malaya

super duper happy shout?
 one feet up, elbow up...feel like a puppet on a string
 ayu...ayu kan?
we had blast! do u?