Thursday, December 20, 2012

Makeover ?

Polka dots "r" us..check out our building makeover !
*or maybe chicken pox ?

                                          :: Nur Khalifah - Prima Saujana Centre :: 

                                                :: Nur Khalifah - Puncak Saujana Centre ::


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Adieu to 2012, Hello to 2013

"A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, 
and meeting again after moments,
or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends."
- Richard Bach – 

We are proud to present our very own amateur production staring Class of 2012 in 'Say Hello' 

2012 Grand Ihtifal & Concert

Date & Day : 10 Nov 2012 Saturday
Venue: Uniten Auditorium

Picture speak a thousand words erk...enjoy!
(more pic : facebook)

 the itinerary card

 the registration spot

final rehearsal for Ihtifal..with a tease of course

Add  let's play while we wait for our turn..

 bring it on..we are ready

 getting themselves dolled up..

wallah! 3 super cutie..

bff since 4yo.


cant wait to 'show off' their stuff

mee too?

now your lip darl..

i think your headband need some adjustment..

this is how we do it

5 pillars of Islam show by 5yo

one more time..ewah..dikir barat by 4yo

parachute show by 4&5 yo

note of them is hopping sky high?

Hakka dance by the 6yo

Going bananas? 5yo

when i was ill poem..yet the smile?

children of the world by 6 yo

zapin by 4&5 yo

the chicky heroes

hat dance - 6yo

a superb showdown!

repeat after me song - 5yo

cowboy style

farewell song..sob sob

class of 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Straits Times..


Our very own mighty Wafiy, appeared on the 31st Oct New Straits Times taking down sensei Farid at the 100yrs Aikido celebration

Look out for Fahim , our NK Kids, observing the demonstration (1st left) by the mighty Wafiy who is only 5 years old!

Kudos to them and all who participate that day!..we are so proud of you. Aikido kids rule !!/image/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/landscape_454/image.JPG
The mighty Wafiy stealing the show, watch by Fahim (1st left)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Specially made for Eid Mubarak 2012

Stay tuned for more happening updates on what happened that day !

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Annual Sports Day yeay!

Bissmillahhirahman nilrahim.

It was a great day all around. The weather at Mini Stadium, UNITEN was fantastic, great clear blue skies in the early morning and a bright sunny day as it gets towards the afternoon.

All students from Nur Khalifah Puncak Saujana and Nur Khalifah Prima Saujana were divided into 3 team ; Yellow, Green and Red to foster ukhwah between them. It was refreshing to see how easily they bonded with each other to reach a conman goal.

The day started with student's march in followed by du'ua recitation by Iman Ghazi and pledge by Nurullah. The event was officiated by both Principle by blasting the 3 feet confetti followed by brain gym exercise and respective team cheer.

The games started with the 4 yo event followed by 5 yo games and 6 yo games. There was also 2 games that we combined age group so that on the average every student will participate in 2 to 3 games each. Parents event was up next where we divided them into gender. The very strong fathers participated in 'Tug Of War' meanwhile the very sporting mothers participated in 'Catch Me If You Can'.

The Yellow team was announced as the Champion of 2012 Sports Day. The silver medalist was none other then the Green team and the bronze goes to the Red team.

Our deepest gratitude to all who assisted us especially Aliya's mom and Teacher Miza's mom who help us to borrowed the 'Tarik Tali' , Faiq's mom for making the 'mee hoon', not forgetting all the volunteers, teachers and friends.

A special shout out to our very own ex students better known as NK Kids (Fahim, Fateh, Afiq, Hafdzi, Iman S, N. Iman,Ammar and Fatin) who sprung into action on that day and assisted us.  A place that they know they belong and always welcome .

Morning rush - registration

A sweet smile from a sweet girl.

All set and ready 

Im tired of waiting. Can we start now !!

Red team leader : M. Zikri

Friends across colours

What you see is exactly what u get.  ")

Du'uas recitation by Iman Ghazi

Pledge by Nurullah

The  Calm Green

The Mighty Red

The Exploding Yellow

Easy does it

Some needed a little bit of encouragement 

" Hey mom look at me , I'm doing it "

Many hands make work light

Celebrating their win in the passing game

Oh yes its ON. I have my game face set .. .

I left my 'fever' at home and I am ready for action

Stop, aim and score!

Oopsy daisy

Its ain't over till the fat lady sings

Waiting for action

Girls doing what they love most.. chit chatting.. 

Out you go and sprint to the finish line

Hop Hop Hop

Yellow Team Leader : Zafri showing how its done

Rooting from the sideline

You're up!

The fight to the finish line. Last runners ready for action

Green Team Leader : Aiman posing for the camera

Last runner for the final event : baton run

All at their position ready for the whistle.

The very strong fathers

And these is the gentlemen with the bragging right. 

The Super Sporting Mothers in action.

And the winners is : Ladies on the right!

Taking the medal on behalf of the team

Celebrating their win as Champion

Everyone a winner

 Our NK Kids feeling right at home. Thank you for all your help.