Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our latest upgrade ..

Last Monday, we invited Mr. Sri the representative from Britannica,  for a quick demonstration on the audio and visual teaching aid and by the respond we receive from the children, we decided to add on the program to our teaching material.

Unlike other English program in the market, “Discover English with Ben and Bella” is based on new scientific discoveries leading to the development of immersive learning. It is an integrated program of DVDs, CDs, books and activities providing animated cartoons, live-action song and dance videos, sing-a-longs, stories and games. It follows the saying: One builds a tower with bricks; a language with words.

Join us in welcoming 'Ben & Bella' to Little Caliphs Prima Saujana  :)

 Hi I'm Ben.

 Hello I'm Bella.

This is our friend Pete.

Let the learning adventure begin....


Monday, April 26, 2010

Britannica's Discover English with Ben & Bella uses an immersive language approach to introduce children to English pronunciation, vocabulary, and essential phrases. Language learning is presented through a fun and engaging DVD, which covers topics that are familiar to children using animations, live action, chants, and songs. The program's two main characters, Ben (a bear) and Bella (a hippo), learn along with children as they experience a variety of everyday adventures. By encouraging children to actively participate with mind, voice, and body, this delightful and effective program provides an engaging and dynamic setting for teaching the fundamentals of English.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And the award goes to...

It has been 3 months since the children started schooling and the time has come for the much anticipated '1st Quarter of 2010' award ceremony. Winners are chosen based on their performances in class as well as during our active movement and circle time. 'Most Outstanding Student' awards are given to the student who is most active, independent and shows a positive attitude .These are the students who is the first to volunteers and always up for any new challenge.

The next Category is ' Tahfiz Surah Hafazan & Doa Lazim' awards are presented to the student who is able to remember all the doa's and hafazan surah taught to them for the past quarter of 2010. It's not easy to remember all the  4 doa's (before eating, after eating, before start learning, before entering toilet ) and 4 hafazan surah (Al-Fatihah, Al-Ikhlas, An-Nas, Al-Khausar) within these 3 short months. Let's check out the winners :

 Most Outstanding Student Category

 Pintar Class : Ammar

Bistari Class : Afiq

Bijak Class : Nurul Iman

Tahfiz Surah Hafazan & Doa Lazim category

 Pintar Class : Amyra

Bistari Class : Damia

 Bijak Class : Nafiz Hakimi

The winners again

 Big happy congratulation cheers from their friends.

Leaders are readers.


With the grace of Allah, and with great joy we present our 'Readers - Bahasa Malaysia' . These are the pioneer batch of students who managed to complete the compulsory reading books fluently in order to be certified as True Readers by Little Caliph Prima Saujana :). After all the hard work they put into for the past 3 months, finally they can read fluently in Bahasa Malaysia.

Finishing all the 8 series of 'Bacalah Anakku' was only the beginning, as currently they are reading in English and could be  reading English fluently within the next few month.They definitely deserve all the recognition and we at Little Caliphs Prima Saujana would like to give them the proper acknowledgment  by celebrating their accomplishment and presenting each of them a certificate, a token and their very own story book. Congratulation to Sofea Hani, Hanis Adalia,  Syarifah Aisyah (all 6 yrs old) and Fatin Amni (5yrs old).They are now certified readers (Bahasa Malaysia) by Little Caliphs Prima Saujana. We are so proud of you, Alhamdulillah.

 Hanis Adalia (Pintar)

Syarifah Aisyah (Pintar)

Sofea Hani (Pintar)

 Fatin Amni (Bistari)
We are now readers!!

April birthday bash!

Birthdays are big at Little Caliphs Prima Saujana and just like any children, we simply love celebrating their turning of age. What is a birthday party if it not celebrated with friends and becoming the prince & princess of the day. This month Shafiq and Ammar turns 6yrs old while Afiq and Fatin turns 5. The mood was up for the past few days as these children knows that there will be a birthday party coming soon. The party wont be a success if it is not by all the generous food and party packs contribution by the parents. Thank you so much. Check out all these pictures:

We love birthdays !!

Did someone says ice-cream??

Goodies to bring home..yey!

 Who wants KFC?