Friday, July 19, 2013

Orange Belt in the house !!


It been a great 3 years since we first introduce Aikido Shidokan to our student. Unlike other self-defense technique available out there, Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art that does not encourage attacking via punching or kicking, but uses the attacker's aggression to defense one selves. It promote balance, sharpen reflect and teaches calmness where children are taught to disable an aggressor without attacking.

Lets take a peek at the latest grading ceremony , where we welcome our very first Junior 5th Kyu (orange belt)  Ahmad Ziyad which was graded by Malaysia's Aikido Shidokan Chief Instructor Sensei Dr Ramlan Ahmad. Belt presentation ceremony was held at school and was presented by Sensei Farid.

Aikido Shidokan Classes are held at school every Thursday, 12pm-1pm. Students who enroll for Aikido lesson at school will be entitle for an additional classes Free Of Charge at Aikido Center Seri Kembangan. For more information please call 019-266 1407 or visit

 Junior 8th Kyu ( red belt)

 Junior 8th Kyu ( red belt)

 Junior 8th Kyu ( red belt)

Junior 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Junior 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Our Orange, Yellow and Red belt holders.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sports Day Update - See you on 14th Sept !


Our newly revised date for Nur Khalifah Kindergarten's Sports Day.
Hopefully the weather will be good on that day, insya-Allah..

See you there !

Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan 2013


The Holy month of Ramadan is finally here, alhamdulillah. Fasting may come easy for adult but it is very challenging to young children. We as parents must always bare in mind that as important Fasting during the month of Ramadan is, it should not be forced into our young children, what we can do is encourage them.

And to encourage out young khalifah to fast at school, we have created a special 'Fasting Tag' for our student, to be worn daily at school. They were given a choice to choose from 4 different design for boys and girls daily. 

Baring in mind that there is no Hadith to force young children to fast at this tender age, but there is a Hadith stating that children should start to perform solat five times a day at the age of 7. We will not force our student to fast should they feel that they cannot go on. All non-fasting student will be given food & drinks as usual but in an isolated area away from the rest. 

So far I am still ok !

Oh no shortage of Boys tag, looks like there are more fasting heroes at Prima.

Burning my sahur feul

Our fasting princesses and fasting heroes

 Look mom, I am still fasting .

I wish I have a tag too

Me and my cool fasting tag

Saving my energy..