Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday..


As all of you might know, Wednesday is our Ukhwah day, a dedicated day filled with fun activity and physical exercise to generate friendship, relationship and bond amongst our student. 

The activity varies every Wednesday, from indoor or outdoor sports to music & movement ,brain gym exercise,  and even old folk games (galah panjang, ayam dan musang, bola beracun, bola kaki tiga etc.). Then the student will continue with Arts & Craft and reading in their respective classes.

Here are some photos taken at NK Puncak Saujana on their 1st Wednesday.. 

 Balancing act.. Well done !

 Music and Movement.. 

It's ok adik, it's just juice. We'll get you a new cup ok ..

Excited to see the bouncer slide at school

 Learning the adap of lining up and waiting for your turn

Playing with the bubbles while waiting for their turn


 To smile or not to smile.. a mix of both

 Smiling faces all around

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st week at school 2012


Our utmost thanks to Allah for showering His blessing upon us, alhamdulillah. This year we welcomed our 2nd branch of Nur Khalifah Kindergarten, located at Puncak Saujana, just few kilometer away from our 1st. This is to cater the overwhelming response that we got for 2012 school admission, while wanting to maintain the quality of learning and quantity of student at school at one time.

1st week of school differ from both branch. As NK Prima Saujana mostly welcome back our old student, who basically knew the school routine, NK Puncak Saujana welcome a whole new batch of fresh student.

Despite being very busy, we manage to snap some photos adorable photos of our student at school...

 Nur Khalifah Prima Saujana (Little Caliphs Program)

 Our 1st asembly of 2012...

Practical Solat 

 This is how we do it ! The very brave volunteer ..

 Ice breaking for the 1st timer

 Going through the rites of passage of growing 

 Up to the classroom for the seniors

 Break time !

Nur Khalifah Puncak Saujana

The brothers 

First thing first , make the children feel at ease

 Now we line them up and get them ready for assembly

Next  is practical solat.. Just look that the expression on their face .. 

 There's that smile again.. it can only mean its break time !!

 All warmed up and ready to learn, alhamdulillah ..