Friday, April 19, 2013

Elite & Ultimate Readers Cluib and 1Q Awards 2013


Every achievement matters. It may takes many forms. It can be the simplest act of getting to school; helping a friend in need; picking up own plates when done; volunteering in any task; giving salam or even saying please and thank you.

And being acknowledge for making a different will definitely reinforces their value and boost their confident in becoming a good khalifah of the future.

Elite Readers Club - certified fluent reader in Bahasa Malaysia and able to read on his own .Criteria : Completed the Nur Khalifah Kindergarten's reading series and able to read story book with text containing both colored and black & white writing. They must also be reading or have completed minimum Book 4 Of NK's English reading series.

Ultimate Readers Club - certified fluent reader in English & Bahasa Malaysia and must be able to read on his/her own. Criteria : completed the Nur Khalifah Kindergarten's reading series and able read story books with text that contain both colored and black & white writing..

1st Quarter Award Winners 

Ultimate Readers Club 

Elite  Readers Club 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aprilian Celebrated with style !


Its birthday time again, alhamdulillah..We are truly honored and grateful with all the generous contributions from both school ,jazakallahu khairan parents.

May Allah shower you and your family with His blessing in this life and the hereafter, Ameen.

We let the picture speaks for it self.

Puncak Saujana's Bash 

Prima Saujana's Bash 

Our 2 Aprilians..

Science Project : Bean Sprout

Is it possible to grow a seed without using a soil? 

In conjunction with our current Theme : Plant, Students can see for themselves by conducting a simple science experiment by using dried beans, damp cotton balls, cup and sunlight. They were surprise to find out what happened after just a few days. 

They learnt the two vital component needed for a plant to grow; i.e sun and water, and learnt 1st hand simple anatomy of a plant, appreciating the beauty of Allah's creation and being thankful and grateful  for all of His gift.

Fine Motor Skills Development : Pizza Making


Montessori approach but with a twist resulting an exciting learning experience the benefit the students.
Thinking outside of the box in developing fine motor and censorial skills of this young ones is the main goal in today exercise : Pizza Making.

We let the student explore the function of their hands , exercising hand muscle , feeling the softness of the flour, experiencing the consistency and thickness of the dough, kneading, rolling , fostering ukhwah through teamwork, and working together to achieve the goal.

1st things first : wash our hands

The super excited bunch getting ready

 Now we knead 

Wooohoo look at my fingers!

 Taking turns to knead the dough. Thankfully there was plenty of helping hands

Next we spread the tomato based pizza sauce

Spread them well

Add the delicious topping.

Good job my friend.

The scrumptious pre baked pizza

It ready !

One slice is simply aint enough.

Alhamdulillah, what a delicious pizza