Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elite & Ultimate Readers keeps growing


With the grace of Allah, we are greatfull to be blessed with another group of student who is now certified by LCPS to be a true readers. Congratulation to Wafeeqah (5yrs old) and Rafidahaini (4yrs old) who is now able to read fluently in Bahasa Malaysia. And not forgetting Diana and Jamshir (5yrs old respectively) who is now become the newest member of 'Ultimate Readers Club' as both of them is now able to read fluently in English and Bahasa Malaysia,maasyaallah.  Each of them walked home with a certificate, a story book and a token from us. They really deserve all the recognition for their hard work. Readers are leaders, insyaallah!

Wafeeqah (5yrs)

 Our 1st 4yrs old Elite Readers Club : Rafidahaini

1st boy in Ultimate Readers Club ; Jamshir 

 Diana (5yrs)

Nov & Dec Bday Bash..


We have now come to the end of the year. It was just a few clicks away that we first celebrated our first birthday party here in LCPS and today we had our last birthday party of the year 2010. Closing the year with a bang, we receive a special visit from 'Mr Balloon' the clown at our school which was sponsored by the birthday girl's parents (jazakallahu khayran). The children was ecstatically stunned and some was jumping with joy when they saw the clown walking inside the school compound. Each of them got a special sculpted balloons, goodies beg and prizes won in the party games. Our celebrated student; Adam & Hanis (6yrs old respectively)  Asyraf and Aliya (4yrs old respectively) and also their friends surely will never forget the day the clown came to town :) Thank you so much for all the contributed food, alhamdulillah.

Am I dreaming?  


 'Mr Balloon' the clown is here!

The birthday boys & girls

Who blow the biggest balloon wins!

Close you peeking ok !

 Bundle of joy

Look at what I've got 

One for all and all for one!

See you next year, insyaallah.