Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Aildilfitri Celebration

While it is still hot..(bulan syawal), snippets of 2015 Aidilfitri celebration in Prima.

 long time no see long week...too long..

 bile la makan time...

 well, u know..we re the cutie pie of the day

 woosh ...feel my new power exude ...

 just one?..u must be joking!

 jejaka harapan Malaya

super duper happy shout?
 one feet up, elbow up...feel like a puppet on a string
 ayu...ayu kan?
we had blast! do u?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Excursion : KL Bird Park, Muzium Polis, Cake FactorY

Out & about ...

 here we go now..

 three in a row ?  duh..

 help!..i can't stop grinning ear to ear..

 it's gonna be a bright bright sun shinny day..

 who doesn't love 'jejuna' huh..

 in line guys or we aren't moving nowhere!

 wonder..i wonder..

we are here guys..KL bird park


 peace yo

everybody do the peace  sign now 

 peace yo!

 wink & mmmm...

really got to go to the, rite now!

 all smiles and nothing less

back to the bus already? boo..

to the the bus..

 teacher! can't i say something ?

 peacock there.. u see that?

 im smilling i dunno why..

 they are everywhere!

wonder what is next  ?

yup..we are always in line..

goofing time..

 hey ! use got me there teacher!

 hello there !

 wow..this is so ...well

 toilet call..

more..we want more..

 where now?

 im in the safe hands now..the police wokey!

 ai ai mr policeman

 when i grow up..

 one for u mom!

 we like it here

 bukit keeping time..

 recharge now...recharge now

im knackered..

bye now..stay tune!