Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here comes the Mayrians !!


With all that we have going on last week, we manage to squeeze our May Celebration into our hectic schedule, all in the name of our children .

Our handsome Mayrians.

That polkadot kueh look delish!

 We are the party monster arrrrrr!!!

Its cake time  hurreey !!

Yummilicious cakes!!

Our Mighty Mayrians

Yes!! thats my stomach growling.. 

Smilling cheek to cheek.

Look at my cupcake collage ..

Watch out Picasso, here comes Alif !

How much do i love cake? This much !!

Thank you !

Jazakallahu khairan,

Thank you for all the gift.

To cher
Dank u
Khawp Khun
Terima Kasih.

 " God, His angles and all those in heavens and on earth, even ants in their hills and fish in the water, call down blessings on those who instruct others in beneficial knowledge"            

                                                                                                                                 ( Hadith At-Tarmidhi )

A Friendly Visit : VITAGEN


The day our good friend; Vitagen, came to town. It was fun filled day packed with activities, games and of course free vitagen! 

Vitagen is a cultured milk drink made by fermenting skim milk with billions of live probiotic cultures (good bacteria) to help maintain a healthy digestive system. It come in 3 delicious variety; regular, less sugar and collagen less sugar. Drinking Vitagen everyday will help to stabilize the intestinal flora, help with digestion & absorption of vital nutrients from the food we consume, reduce the risk of intestinal disturbances such as constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, bloating, belching etc, help to boost body resistance, and help bowel movement. -info taken from here.

Hope to see you again V-man !

Listen carefully ya..

The answer is 4 miss

 Pick me pick me

 Woohoo I got goodies for getting the right answer !

 We are never short of volunteer's !

Now close your eyes, no peaking ok !

Doing the Vitagen dance with the V-man himself!

 Showing some lovee to the V-man!

Free vitagen for all, Alhamdulillah.

V is for Vitagen !

Assessment Day


Assessment week went smoothly, alhamdulillah. The students seems very relax and able to adapt well to the changes. It was just like any other day but instead of books, we gave them assessment sheet. As this was the  First Term Assessment, the student were left seated at their usual seating arrangement as per ordinary day, the only differences is that their seating partner's paper is not the same as them, in fact it was a different subject. This is to them from copying each other.

This exercise is to merely to gauge what the student had grasp during their studies here, to see how much they understand, and their coping ability to answer all the question independently. The student were given  given as much time as they need, some needed few day to complete, and other just took few minutes. This is because some children may need more time to make a gradual adjustment and once they are comfortable,  it become easier to them. The student are encourage to answer the question on their own, however teachers are always within reach to assist them should they need further clarification.

Overall First Term Assessment week was a success. Everyone manage to complete all the papers within the week. And now its the teachers turn to mark all the paper. Assessment result will be given to parents on the upcoming Parents and Teachers Meeting (PTM). Hope to see you there.  :)

Bissmillah .... Dont forget to write your name.

Let me check with the board, hmmmm ahh rectangle!

I'm almost done ..

and now we take a posing break .. 

Let me seee..

 Teacher, can you help me please !

 Oh dear, made a mistake. Lucky I double checked it.

 5 in my head, 6 in my fingers, 5.... 6,7,8,9,10, 11 !

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Mid Term Assessment

Annual Excursion

Assalamualaikum and afternoon everyone !

The most anticipated day in 2013 school calender is finally here. It was very clear to see in the student's eyes that they were pumped and was so excited for the school trip. A whole day of fun cognitive learning outside the school environment, encouraging their use of language, stimulating their curiosity  and helping the student to form ukhwah, encourage a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, independence, self control and child’s consideration for others.

We made a few stops today. The 1st stop was at Domino's Pizza, where the children learn how to make a 'twister cheese bread' all by themselves, participate in games, becoming the food tester :) and even walked away with their very own personal pizza each! Simply fantastic.

Our 2nd stop was at the Sunflower Rice Factory. The children was divided into groups for the 'paddy to rice' talk, they were given a chance to feel the pre processed rice (paddy)  and even sampled some cooked rice. A packet of 500gm of rice was waiting for everyone at the end of the factory tour, alhamdulillah, more goodies to bring back !

The 3rd stop was the most awaited stop, it was the Ostrich Farm. They sat for a quick introduction of the ostrich farm , holding the huge ostrich egg and even had the chance to test the strength of the egg by stepping on it! There was also monkey show and  farm animal show & tell to entertain the students. Of course we kept the best for last, the ostrich ride and pony ride. Woohooo.

Before we know it, it was time for us to head back home. But before we head back to school, we had to make our final stop, Lunch . The children was excited as they can finally put the adap / decorum of eating in public into practice. They excel with flying colors !

All around, it was a fun day, the weather was beautiful, the student behave really well and everything went really smooth, alhamdulillah. Our gratitude to the very flexible trip operator , the hardworking teachers , the lively presenters and mostly the parents, for giving us the trust to make today excursion a success..

Pre-trip : The very excited bunch, told ya !

 Up up and a way...

How many slices of pizza do you want?

There is alway time to pose for the camera , right girls..

Here we go..

So we need to twist the bread 10 times... 

Makan time.

I love love love pizza !!

Hands on with the paddy

So this is how paddy looks like.

Hey wait for me!

Testing the rice

Eating rice make you strong like me!

Or as sweet as kiyomi .. 

Egg hatchery 

With the chick chick here, chick chick there..

Woohoo that monkey is using only one hand to climb !

Awww  just look at that baby porcupine...

One strong egg !

I've ride an ostrich, have you?

Must look cool, must look cool ... 

And freeze... 

 easy peasy lemon squeezy

This is scary.. but its fun.. but its scary.. but its fun..

And now we dine

Eating like adults.

On the way back to school.. tired

Oh so so tired.