Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NK Shop - Role Play


Being able to become someone else or something else comes quite naturally to most children from an early age. It is a vital activity for children , stimulating their imagination and enhancing their social development, encouraging friendship through cooperation, listening and turn taking. It can improve their language and movement skills and can help them understand different points of view, go into the future or the past and travel anywhere in the world and beyond. Through role play we can explore the moral issues and problem safely.
Literacy, numeracy and other curriculum activities can all be planned as part of a role play situation. Children do love playing shop so why not use that to your advantage? There are endless varieties of shop that can he explored and utilized to encompass any aspect of the curriculum. One of the most obvious ways is using the shops to teach about money and that is just what we did at school today !

The Seller and buyer

I got some cash in hand and I am going shopping  !

I will have these, please.

Here you go ..

The shopkeeper .

Money money money

I am rich!! 

30 cent, 40 cent, 50 cent....

Let's see...

Hurmm so many things to buy.. 

What a bargain !