Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aikido Kids & Swimming Class


Ahlan wasahlan everyone.

We had our 1st  Aikido Kids trial session last week, alhamdulillah every thing went well. The children had their first go at aikido and they seems to enjoy it very much. Some may ask why Aikido? For us the main reason why we choose aikido instead of other self defense technique available in the market is that aikido does not promote conflict (non aggressive) that uses a harmonious style in redirecting the aggression of the attacker as the form of defense, using throws, pins, rolls etc. It is taught on the premise of disabling an aggressor without attacking, through your individual inner energy and does not involve sparring or competitions.  For more information on Aikido, please click here .

Our swimming classes is held every Saturday at Saujana Impian Golf Club. Children and water is always a fun combination, but too much fun can also be dangerous. The classes is taught by a professional swimming instructor with help by his 2 ladies assistance. Parents are welcome to keep and eye on their love ones during the session. Why swimming is good for your children? Click here for the answer.

check out our Aikido Kids and little swimmers in action !

Aikido Kids

Little Swimmers

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