Thursday, April 19, 2012

Annual Excrusion 2012

Assalamualaikum and Good morning everyone!

A wet rainy day to start the school trip, we had to make a minor change to the excursion plan but it surely didn't ruined the day and the student seems unaffected by last minute change.

The plan was to stop by the Ostrich Farm for the 1st stop and some pony ride for all the children, but due to the unfavorable weather condition, we had to change our 1st stop to Beryls Chocolate Factory instead. The Ostrich Farm visit was replace with a visit to the National Science Center  and our final stop was at Petrosains.

What we can say is that even tho they were looking forward for the pony ride, it was all forgotten  once when they saw the "All You Can Eat Chocolate" at the chocolate factory :) . After a quick video on "What chocolate is made from" at the auditorium, they were walked through the factory and witness first hand how chocolate is made from cocoa beans right up to packing of the chocolate. Next was the much anticipated and much awaited for... chocolate tasting ! Bowl after bowl of chocolate disappear right in front of our eyes until the children can't take  anymore and they finally say no to chocolate.

National Science Center was fantastic as we almost  have the whole center to our self (there was about 20 other primary school student there too). The student roam the area and experiment with all the display, some taking their time with one display while others was jumping from one to another, well it was breathtaking to see how curios they were ( guess the sugar from the chocolate is kicking in). They manage to catch the 'Science Show' where our brave student volunteered to go up of the stage and participate with the presenter, in which they were awarded with a special token each.

We stopped for a quick lunch at the National Mosque before continuing to Petrosains. The student surely enjoyed the helicopter mock up rides,  being blown away by a tornado at the tornado tunnel and the testing the F1 mock up race car. By the time we had to head back to school they was totally exhausted.

It was a memorable day for everyone. Just wait for what we have installed for next year excursion, big plans with tomato sauces and cheese topping (hint ). insyalaah!

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