Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marchians Birthday Bash

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

It's that time of the month again.. yeay birthdays!!

As you all might know it tend to get a little hard to get the children ready for school after a week of school holiday, so we decided to welcome the children back to school with a bang. Imagine the surprise on their face when they was expecting a normal school day but was greeted a birthday celebration instead.The gloomy 1st day of school feeling disappear as soon as they saw the banners and balloons. A fun and excited day indeed.

 NK Puncak Saujana

 Our Birthday Girls

 Singing the birthday song 


 NK Prima Saujana

Lets take a closer look at what our friends at  Nur Khalifah Prima Saujana did for their birthday celebration.

They started the day with an outdoor sports for the 6 years old, where they did a turtle walk, spooning and sponging, hurdle running and sprinting.  Meanwhile the rest of the student aged 5 years and 4 years was indoor busy with their Brain Gym Exercise, Musical Coordination, Active Learning and Music & movement. Cutting of the 5 birthday cake (there was a princess cake, Dora the explore cake, animal cake and 2 wonderful chocolate cakes.. alhamdulillah) was up next so the student gathered at the eating hall for some photos and birthday singing and Du'as. After consuming all the delicious food ( jazakallah to all parents who contributed, may Allah reward your kindest and repay you with limitless happiness, love and good health)  the student headed back to their respective classes and was given goodies to bring back home which we highly doubt it that ' it ' reached home  :)

 Hurdle running

 The boys getting ready for the sprint

 On your mark, get set , go.....

 The girls showing what they are made of !

 Marchians screaming BIRTHDAYS!!

  Our celebrities of the day

 We love birthdays!!

 Getting ready for the song

 And they are off to their respective classes
  Waiting for the goodies distribution

 Goodies in the bag ..checked !

With smiles like these.. 

 The boys united 

 Is it my turn to read now ?

While waiting for the transport 

 woohooo noise maker !!

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