Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Developing Fine Motor Skills, Nur Khalifah Way..


Fine motor skills do not develop instantaneously. They requires patience, understanding, time and practice. Encouraging children to perform activities that help to strengthen the muscles in their fingers and hand will enhance their fine motor development. Fine motor development requires the movement of the small muscles in the fingers (index,middle and thumb) and wrist , usually in coordination with the eyes will help the children to develop hand stability by building muscle strength.Eventually difficult tasks such as buttoning, getting dressed and writing will become easier and less stressful.

Staying true to our believe that children learn best when they are at play, we expose the children to a safe, challenging and fun environment where we involve them into activities that requires them to participate. Today they learn how to make a non toxic and safe to eat  "play dough" . They were in charge of  ingredient portion control, mixing, and kneading the dough. Not only these activities is super fun, it also help to develop the hand/finger muscle in which ultimately help in developing their fine motor skills. 

First we mix 1 cup of flour and half cup of salt

Two hands is better then one.

And then we pose :)

Carefully mix the desired coloring, oil and boiling water 

Eeewww that look disgusting !

Hey you have to mix it well 

And now we knead the dough

And knead some more.. 

Alamak ! mine still sticks to my fingers..

This is how it should look .. 

When it is ready , we play yeayyy

Hey look at mine, its yellow!

(non toxic & safe to eat )

1 cup of Flour
half cup of Salt
2 tbsp Cream of Tartar (optional)
1 cup of Hot Water
2 tbsp Cooking oil
few drops of Food coloring.

How to : 
Mix all dry ingredient in a bowl. Set aside.
Mix all the liquid ingredient in a cup. 
Combine the dry and wet ingredient prepared earlier.
Knead well and taa daaa... your very own Play Dough !