Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Multiple Intelligence's Development ,the NK Way!


We had a cupcake baking session today. The children were given all the ingredients , tools and instruction  They were required to read the instruction, plan and delegate the responsibility among themselves, with little assistance from the teacher. They were definitely up for the challenge!

Our goal was to develop the children's multiple intelligence by exposing them to an environment where they are in charge, to plan their action , work in a team, and to come out with a solution to reach ultimate goal.

We tap into 5 intelligence types out of 9 types of the Multiple Intelligence with this simple activity. Reasoning smart, interpersonal smart, bodily kinesthetic smart, intra personal smart and also linguistic smart was clearly displayed among the children. If you observe the pictures below, you can actually tell who is who.  :)

Bring it on!

Easy peazy lemon squeezy 
Easy does it

woooo that is so fascinating 

The batter is now smooth as silk

One spoon at a time

Ngeh ngeh ngeh 

Notice how clean the table top is  :)

Many hands make light work.

The waiting game 

Arghhh some peace and quiet for us to grow.

We are not done yet

I want mine with lots of rainbow sprinkles 

I like mine with just a touch of chocolate chip

Check our our creation !

The critics were about to test the cuppies.

This is how a cupcake should look 

Cute as a button.