Monday, May 7, 2012

Not your average assessment :)


Our 2012 Mid Term Assessment went smoothly, alhamdulillah.  The students were at ease answering all the question, some able to answer it as soon as they open up the papers, and some needed a little guidance.

We transform the main hall to an assessment hall for the 6 year old, so that they could experience the 'feel' of assessment  just like any ordinary primary 1 classes, meanwhile the 5 years old and the 4 years old sat in their respective classes for the assessment. Even tho it was assessment week, the student seems to be very calm and relaxed.

The assessment is created to act merely as an evaluation of what the student had grasp during their studies here, for us to know how much they understood the topic presented. This also act as a guidelines to prepare them for primary 1 later when they graduate, in-accordance with Ministry Of Education's standard. Student are allowed to ask the teachers should they need further clarification and also allowed to take as much time as they want to, some even took 2 days to complete one paper (hence the repeated written names on the paper) .

Here are some photos taken during the week.

Hmm lets see..

Piece of pie

When in doubt, lets refer to the wall!

Stop and pose ..

One in my head plus two in my fingers...

Pants folded up to my knees..

Getting ready..

Piece of cake...

" Oh Allah, open my heart ... "

Pretending to be scared..

The "no one told me anything about assessment ! " look.. :)

Here we go..

Cool, calm and collected.

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