Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Readers Are Leaders 2012

Surah Al-Alaq verse 1-5

Assalamualaikum and greeting khalifah,

We would like to open our update today by giving thanks to Allah for all His blessing, guidance and wisdom in helping us to mold these young mind to be a good khalifah, for opening their mind and heart, and for making it easy for them to understand.

 Teaching these young mind to learn the basic of read is one of the toughest some say impossible task to do but alhamdulillah we manage to push through. With lots of patience and out of the box thinking not forgetting millions of flash card, rewards and never giving up attitude, finally we are proud to present our 2012 Elite Readers club and Ultimate Readers Club members.

Elite Readers Club welcomes student who is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia reading. Student must undergo the basic 'Bacalah Anakku' reading series and passed the reading fluency and literacy assessment before being certified a true reader. Member of the Elite Reads Club will then undergo the 'Read Easy' reading series and must excel the reading fluency and literacy assessment for English reading before being presented with the highest reading honor ; Ultimate Readers Club membership.

It's with great honor we present our 2012 Elite Readers Club and Ultimate Readers Club member.

Elite Readers Club

Someone above actually gave this speech .." I would like to thank Allah, my parents and my sibling for this award " .... guess who!

 If I can do it, so can you !

For those who is skeptical about sending your love ones at the young age of 4 years old to school, let me introduce you to these amazing bunch above. They finished their Bahasa Malaysia reading series back in Oct 11 when they were only 4 years old. Now certified Elite Readers Club members, 3 have completed English reading and the rest have few more pages to go, Maasyaallah!

 Better late then never

  Reading is sooo interesting..

 Ultimate Readers Club

Alhamdulillah We made it!

I used to cry every time when its time to read. But now I find it so easy.


  Not only I can read, I am also able to understand what the story is about.

Hip hip hurrey!

At 6 years old, I can read the newspaper.. can u ?