Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Birthday Bash


'All work and no play make Jack a dull boy'. With that quote in mind we celebrate our Mayrians birthday right after we completed the Mid Term Assessment Week, a joyous occasion for all especially for the students. To be honest we totally overlook the birthday celebration as we were so busy with the assessment, but luckily one of the student highlighted it to us (thank you Iman) and we spring into birthday mode right away. 

The day started with the usual active movement activities followed by the birthday celebration then up to their classes. But little did the student know that we had planned something special for them. Thank to an unnamed parents (as requested), we receive a sponsored bouncer slider to be used for both of our centers, alhamdulillah. The student were brought down in batches according to their classes and once they saw the bouncer slider they were screaming with joy and smiling ear to ear.

A special shout out to all parents who had contributed all the delicious food and goodies. May Allah repay your kindness and bless you with a prosperous life, amin.

Goofing around when the teachers are not watching.

After all the running, I need some refill .

Mixing at its best.

Birthday boy and his friends

Can you hear the Mayrians roar!!

Woooww that is new!!

Ukhwah activity : story telling

I am having so much fun!

Dont drop the beanies.. careful ok

Can you spot the children in this massive bouncer slider?